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Virtual shoroom

Welcome to the virtual showroom in O2 Residence! Now choosing an apartment on the site, you can not only review its layouts and find out the floors space, but also walk through its rooms and see the view from the windows. We have designed 3D tour of the most popular layouts in the complex, so click on our showrooms and enjoy the viewing.

3D tour of a 2-room apartment

For those who looking for a spacious apartment and wanting to live around a beautiful nature, O2 Residence offers a comfortable two-room apartment of 70.23 m². It is located on the 5th floor in the second section of house #2. Our complex is surrounded by wood, so the windows of your apartment overlook the age-old pine trees.

Two bedrooms of 20.36 m² and 16.55 m², kitchen with loggia and separate bathroom - layout of the apartment is convenient for a couple or family with a child.

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3D tour of a 3-room apartment

Nearly next door is a second apartment, which you can view in our virtual showroom. It is also located in the second section of house # 2. The total floors space is 92.88 m².

The layout of the apartment is perfect for a family with one child or two children - three bedrooms can accommodate two children's rooms and a separate room for parents. The apartment has two balconies designed to give you more opportunities to breathe fresh air and enjoy the beauty of nature.

3D layout of a duplex apartment

Residents of a two-level apartment in O2 Residence will be able to feel like they are in a country house. And to prove this, we have developed a 3D tour of one of the most popular layouts.

This is a four-room apartment, which is located in building No. 4 — section No. 3, floor 6. The total area is 107 m². The first level is occupied by a living room, kitchen, bathroom and loggia. On the second floor, there are three bedrooms, each of which has a terrace, and two bathrooms. Two bedrooms can be converted into recreation areas, and the third can be turned into an office where you will work, and in between work, you can go out onto the terrace and breathe fresh air.

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