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House territory

House territory

Жити серед природи, але у межах міста — головна вимога майбутніх мешканців О2 Residence, яку ми взяли за основу при розробці проєкту благоустрою прибудинкової території. Ми хочемо, щоб після переїзду наші резиденти могли не тільки займатися звичними справами, а й користуватися перевагами життя у лісі та поряд з озером — більше гуляти пішки, влаштовувати пікніки на набережній, кататися на човні, вирощувати екологічно чисті овочі й фрукти. Ми поділили прибудинкову територію на дві зони:

  • public space for all residents and guests of O2 Residence — a common courtyard and boulevard;
  • semi-private area — green courtyards that are located between houses and which will be available to their residents.

So that our residents don't feel discomfort, going from the courtyard to the public space, each zone will have gradient borders. We preserve vegetation as much as possible, so the entire adjacent territory harmoniously integrates into the existing landscape.

Common courtyard and boulevard

The common courtyard is a public space in which we will arrange bicycle parking and ground parking for cars, as well as install chargers for electric cars. We also maintain an ecological approach when arranging parking spaces: they will be paved with a special meshy covering — a mesh from the lawn and paving slabs.

As conceived by the designers from buro architects, who developed the landscaping concept, green hills will be located in the center of the common courtyard, and outdoor furniture will be installed around them — wooden benches of various shapes. Overall, the O2 Residence will have plenty of seating: rounded, rectangular and multi-level benches will be located throughout. To visually divide the space of the common yard, its entire area will be paved with gravel and soil-gravel mixture.

The space between the houses is set aside for a boulevard with several routes: for pedestrians, for the passage of cars to the parking lot and bike paths that will become part of the general cycling route around the complex.


O2 Residence will have its own eco-farm — a system of modern greenhouses where residents can grow vegetables and herbs on their own or together with an agronomist. An orchard will be planted next to the eco-farm. In the same area, we plan to place a food court and a venue for events.

Green courtyards

We want to satisfy the needs of every resident of O2 Residence, therefore the territory near the houses will be divided into a quiet and active public area. In a quiet zone, our little residents will be able to play on the playground, older children and adults — to go into sports on horizontal bars and exercise machines. Neighbors will spend time together in a public area with wooden paving, benches and landscaping.

О2 Residence is located in a forest and has rich vegetation, but, despite this, the landscaping project provides for maximum greening of the territory. Field and red maples will be planted in the courtyards, flowerbeds and bushes will be arranged.


O2 Residence will have its own park, which we also zone into quiet and active zones.

The quiet zone is located on the side of the houses with paired numbers — №2-12. There will be sports grounds for children and adults, playgrounds for animals. Trees, bushes and herbs will be planted on the territory.

The active zone of the park is located between the odd-numbered houses and the lake embankment. As in the quiet part, there will be sports grounds and a barbecue area.

Waste sorting bins

We care about the environment, therefore, containers for sorting waste will be installed on the territory of the complex — for each type of waste there is a special compartment with a corresponding marking.

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