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The lake next to the O2 Residence captivates with its beauty and adds a special magic to the area. We can already imagine how future residents will walk along it with their families, gather for a picnic, swim on the lake in boats, and skate here in winter. Living near a pond always has many benefits. However, we want the rest on the waterfront to be even more comfortable and rich, so we equip its territory and create various recreational areas - with a restaurant, observation decks, a boat station and a sports beach.

A little context

Before we talk about the project of embankment improvement, developed by the architectural studio BURØ, we will give some facts about the study of the site itself. Its results have become key in the development of the concept. The promenade area is a kind of buffer between the O2 Residence and the lake. It has preserved centuries-old trees and remnants of infrastructure of previous years (gazebo, viewing platform). Due to this, the site has a great recreational potential, but is somewhat neglected: the reservoir needs shore protection, greenery - dendrological research and rehabilitation, and the viewing platform and gazebo - preservation and restoration.

New places to relax

In addition to measures to preserve the existing ecosystem, five functional zones are planned to be built on the embankment. A boat station, a sports beach, an amphitheater with spectacular features, a space for a promenade and a restaurant - together they will form a walking route around the lake and will become new places for recreation. In order for all five zones to be organically integrated into the landscape of the embankment, the designers took into account the terrain and its differences.

Спортивний пляж

The sports beach is an area with sports equipment for children and adults. The designers divided this space into a natural sandy beach and a «dry» beach with a wooden surface. A pier will be built near the water.

Boat station area

will be located on a uniform calm slope of the waterfront. There is a building for storing the necessary equipment, cafes and bathrooms, as well as a platform for mooring boats. There will be a view terrace on the roof of the building. From here, residents and guests of O2 Residence can admire the lake.


The amphitheater, inherited from previous years, will be preserved and reconstructed. According to the designers, it can be used as a viewing platform and public space for recreation, as well as a platform for outdoor events (concerts, lectures, film screenings, performances).

Promenade area

The promenade area is the most active part of the embankment with access to water. New trees will be planted here and seating will be arranged.


The gazebo is another artifact of the past that we preserve and repair. After the amphitheater, the gazebo will become the second viewing platform on the waterfront. A one-storey restaurant with a perimeter terrace has been designed in the depth of the zone. The existing terrain also allows access directly to the water - through the construction of a new terrace with wooden floors.


In the dark, the promenade will become even more beautiful and fabulous, because thousands of light bulbs and garlands will be lit around the lake. We have provided several types of lighting at once: lanterns, lamps, built into the ground and paving, ribbon lighting, garlands.


We not only preserve existing plants, but also plant new ones: various types of low and high grasses and grasses, bushes, reeds, ivy. A separate decoration of the embankment will be a strawberry glade. In general, the O2 Residence area will have many new plantings. Next to the houses there will be an eco-farm where residents will grow vegetables and fruits. Thanks to this approach, residents of O2 Residence will be able to experience all the benefits of living in an ecological area of Kiev.

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