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How to order redevelopment of an apartment in O2 Residence?

When building houses in O2 Residence, monolithic frame technology is used. This allows apartment buyers to change the layout of rooms at any stage-both before the start of masonry walls and after construction is completed. To minimize the cost of work, we suggest redeveloping the apartment before putting the house into operation. We'll tell you how to do this below in the Q&A format.

So you want to order redevelopment of the apartment. Who should you contact?

In order to change the layout of rooms in the apartment, you need to contact the service department by calling (044) 494 04 00, and leave a request. After that, our specialist will connect you with the redevelopment manager, who will directly deal with your request: together with the project architect, he will make a sketch of your apartment and coordinate it with you.

The project manager and chief architect must check the new layout for compliance with construction standards. And only then we make changes to the working documentation and start working in the apartment.

When is redevelopment free?

Buyers of those apartments that have not yet built interior walls can order redevelopment at no additional cost. Just note that you must submit a request to the service department at least 30 days before the start of masonry work on the floor. This period is necessary for the development of an apartment project and its approval, so this is a prerequisite.

Free redevelopment includes the development of the apartment project and installation and construction work. Additional payment is made for making changes to the project. The price is calculated individually for each apartment.

When is redevelopment paid for and what exactly do you pay for?

Even after the interior walls have been erected in your apartment, you can order redevelopment. You will have to pay for dismantling the built partitions, laying new walls and making changes to the project. The estimate is made for each apartment individually.

The cost of redevelopment is affected by the amount of material used, the volume and complexity of work. Depending on the buyer's request, it may be necessary to move engineering networks through the reconstruction of partitions or change the location of openings for stairs during the redevelopment of a two-level apartment. All this affects the total price.

Payment for redevelopment is made only after the conclusion of a contract with an agreed cost.

Are there any restrictions on apartment redevelopment?

Yes. We always care about the safety of residents, so we monitor compliance with building codes and preserve the architectural integrity of our houses. Therefore, we may not agree on the following points in the redevelopment:

• changes to existing structures — this may negatively affect the safety of building operation,

• changing the size, placement and color of windows — replacing one of the facade elements violates the architectural integrity of the house,

• glazing of balconies, loggias, terraces - changes the architectural design of the house and contradicts State Building Codes,

• increase or decrease in the size of bathrooms - change of "wet points" can affect the lower or upper residential floors,

• demolition of ventilation units is prohibited.

You can get answers to all additional questions in the service department. Managers are available from Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 18.00. Call (044) 494 04 00 or write to our email address service@saga-development.com.ua.

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