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Event space, orchard and sports grounds: what will be the improvement of O2 Residence

Living in nature, but within the city - the main requirement of future residents of O2 Residence, so we are very responsible for the improvement of its residential area. We want residents to be able not only to do their usual things after moving, but also to enjoy the benefits of living in the woods and near the lake - more walking, picnics on the waterfront, boating, growing organic vegetables and fruits.

The architectural studio buro architects has accepted our challenge and developed a project that meets the needs of residents and emphasizes the overall concept of our area. The designers divided the entire adjacent territory into several zones: the outer and inner courtyard, the boulevard, the embankment, parks for recreation. Particular attention was paid to the area where residents will grow vegetables and fruits - greenhouses and orchards.

The outdoor courtyard will be one of the active areas of O2 Residence. Here we will arrange bicycle parking and ground parking for cars, as well as install chargers for electric cars. To preserve the concept of the area, parking lots will be paved with a special honeycomb coating - a mesh of lawn and paving slabs.

To sort garbage near each house, we will install containers with appropriate markings.

In the center of the outer courtyards we will create green hills, which will be part of the landscaping, and put outdoor furniture of various shapes. According to the designers, O2 Residence will have enough seats - round, rectangular benches will be located throughout the neighborhood.

The main street of O2 Residence is the boulevard. There will be several routes: for pedestrians, for cars to the parking lot and bike paths, which will be part of the general cycling route around the O2 Residence.

We equip the courtyards with everything you need for sports, recreation and active leisure. Here, young residents will be able to play on the playground, older children and adults - to engage in horizontal bars and exercise machines. Also in the yard we organize recreation areas with wooden paving, benches and greenery.

Despite the fact that O2 Residence is located in the forest and its inhabitants have many routes for walks, we will arrange two parks near the houses - quiet and active. In the quiet park you can walk with pets, as there will be a playground for walking animals, as well as sports - for children and adults there are separate sports areas.

The active park is located next to the lake promenade. As in the quiet park, there will be organized sports grounds, and a barbecue area, where residents can have picnics with neighbors.

A special place in the improvement of the adjacent territory will be occupied by the first eco-farm in Ukraine - a system of modern greenhouses, in which during the year residents will be able to grow vegetables and greens independently or under the guidance of an agronomist. Next to the eco-farms there is a plot for an orchard.

There will also be a food court and a playground in this area. We are looking forward to the moment when our residents will gather together to celebrate the harvest and treat each other to delicious vegetables and fruits.

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