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Lighting that was determined by nature itself. We shall tell you now about the concept of lighting the territory of O2 Residence

What will be the lighting of the most eco-friendly residential complex? We will confidently answer that it will emphasize the advantages of placing our homes in the forest. The emphasis will be placed on the natural environment, when trees stand out more vividly than buildings. Both day and night, residents will contemplate the beauty of the forest in which they were lucky enough to settle.

Now construction on the O2 Residence site is in full swing. While new homes are growing, we want to open the curtain and tell you what our complex will look like in the dark.

The territory lighting project was developed by our regular partner — Expolight company. According to the designers, the lighting system should emphasize the variability of the natural environment and use hidden light sources to create the most comfortable space.

The concept of lighting was determined by nature itself: as the forest breathes and changes colors, so the lighting will change, gradually increasing the brightness. There will be no direct rays of light that evenly fill the space, because among the trees, natural light has a completely different appearance. The natural atmosphere will be created using uneven light rays with varying degrees of contrast.

To implement the idea, light sources will be used without columns and supports, which are easier to integrate into the environment. Small inconspicuous lanterns that are responsible for natural light will be placed directly in the crowns of trees. Paths, bridges and a pier near the lake will be illuminated with a built-in light with hidden sources. The trees on the opposite side will also emphasize the light, which will create the atmosphere of a magical forest and will be reflected on the surface of the lake.

Natural colors will be used to illuminate the O2 Residence, so we will emphasize the beauty of the forest and add originality to our complex. Paths will be highlighted in warm white, and a combined green-and-white module will be chosen to illuminate green spaces, which will allow you to create a natural shade of green light.

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  • Obozrevatel has included O2 Residence in the list of areas that implement the Urban Health concept

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