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Lighting that nature itself has defined. We tell you about the lighting concept in O2 Residence

What will be the lighting of the most environmentally friendly residential complex in Kiev? We answer with confidence that it will highlight the advantages of the location of our houses in the forest. We focus on the natural environment, so we highlight more trees than houses. Both day and night, residents will be able to contemplate the beauty of the forest in which they chose their apartment.

Now construction at the O2 Residence site is in full swing. While new houses are growing, we want to run a little ahead and tell you how our complex will look like at night.

The area lighting project was developed by our permanent partner - Expolight company. As conceived by the designers, the lighting system should emphasize the variability of the environment and, with the help of hidden light sources, create the most comfortable space.

The concept of lighting was determined by the nature itself: as the forest breathes and changes colors, so the lighting will change, smoothly increasing the brightness. Since natural light looks completely different between trees, there are no direct light rays in the lighting concept that evenly fill the space. A natural atmosphere will be created using uneven light beams with varying degrees of contrast.

In order to naturally integrate light into the space of houses, the project will use light sources without columns and supports. Small inconspicuous lanterns, which are responsible for natural light, will be placed directly in the crowns of trees. Walkways, bridges and a pier by the lake will be illuminated with built-in light with hidden sources. The trees on the opposite side are also highlighted with light, which will create the atmosphere of a magical forest and will be reflected on the surface of the lake.

O2 Residence will be illuminated with neutral colors - this way we will emphasize the beauty of nature and add identity to our complex. The paths will be highlighted with warm white; a combined green-white module will be chosen to illuminate the green spaces, which will create a natural shade of green light.

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