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Obozrevatel has included O2 Residence in the list of areas that implement the Urban Health concept

While the world is being stormed by a pandemic and new strains, the World Health Organization, in addition to its main recommendations, is actively promoting the concept of Urban Health (or a healthy city) and assures that the urban environment should contribute to an active and healthy life.

What does it mean?

It means that everyone who builds and develops cities must put the health of residents as a priority:

• Build near green areas or create them.

• Provide open and safe sports grounds.

• Think over public spaces and promote the formation of a community of different interests.

These are the tasks we set ourselves creating O2 Residence:

Establish green areas in the area. Despite the fact that O2 Residence is located in the forest, we plant trees on its territory as much as possible.

Minimize cars. In O2 Residence there will be only cars of neighbors and parking spaces are located separately from children's and sports grounds.

Build good neighborly relations among residents. Residents of O2 Residence will have many points of contact and interaction with each other. Cafes, shops, establishments for children, beauty salons, and a clinic will be located on the first floors of the houses. Residents will meet in the morning at a café for coffee or discuss the latest news while their children are in the playground.

Promote sports. At O2 Residence, we equip sports areas next to the houses. Those who love to run will be able to go jogging in the forest every morning or run along the boulevard. The embankment, part of the improvement of which we have already done, will be an excellent place for yoga classes.

How our project follows the principles of a “healthy city” and how in the world the environmental planning of urban space helps to solve the problems of residents - read the article by Obozrevatel.

And to see how we implement the concept of Urban Health in O2 Residence, we invite you to our district at the address: Kharkivske Highway, 22 km.

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