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O2 Residence is under construction as usual

Dear Investors!

Work on construction sites is carried out as usual. The seizure of a land plot does not apply to houses that are already under construction. We continue to build the queues we have started.

SAGA Development operates exclusively in the legal field. We always adhere to urban planning documentation, fulfill our obligations under the concluded contracts and defend our legal position in the manner prescribed by law.

Now the Court of Appeal is considering our appeal against the Poltava court ruling on the seizure of land plots.

The accusations of the prosecutor's office are absurd and far-fetched, and the decision to seize land plots is illegal. This has already been confirmed by the Goloseevsky Court of Kiev. The judge sorted out the materials of the case and refused to arrest the land plots. Unfortunately, the judge from Poltava, without examining in detail the circumstances and decisions already made by the courts of Kiev, granted the request of the Office of the Prosecutor General. When making these decisions, we did not have the opportunity to defend our position, and filed an appeal, which is now being considered by the court.

During the first session of the Court of Appeal, the representative of the prosecutor's office could not argue the reasons for the arrest and the grounds for changing the jurisdiction of Poltava, taking into account the decisions taken by the Goloseevsky court. Kiev.

We are convinced that the appellate court will sort out the case materials and justice will be on our side.

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  • The arrest of the O2 Residence land plot has been canceled: the Court of Appeals has confirmed the absurdity of the accusations

    On September 8, the Poltava Court of Appeal got acquainted in detail the circumstances of the case and canceled the decision of July 31, 2020 on the arrest of land plots on the 22nd km of Kharkiv highway in Kiev, on which the construction of the O2 Residence residential complex is underway.

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  • The last two-room apartments in house no. 4

    If we had to choose favorites among all the layouts in house No. 4, they, of course, would be two-room apartments. Spacious, light and ergonomic - they are ideal for both one resident and a couple in love and a family with a child. Not surprisingly, there are only 5 two-bedroom apartments left for sale, one of which could be yours.

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