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Installment plan

Do you buy your first apartment or do you already have real estate in Kiev and you plan to purchase a country house in the middle of nature? Choose O2 Residence

It is located in a picturesque forest and within the capital, has many advantages in arranging the internal infrastructure, and there are also convenient installment conditions.

When buying an apartment in installments, the first payment will be 30% of the amount. The payment term is 22 months. The first six months, the price of your chosen property will be fixed. After the end of the grace period, the rise in price will be 9.9% per annum.

Visit our sales department to learn more about the conditions of purchase, the advantages of a country residence and get acquainted with the layouts of apartments.

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Отдел продаж:
  • Киев, Харьковское шоссе,
  • 22-й км. (метро Бориспольская)
  • Заказать трансфер в отдел продаж можно по телефону:
  • (044) 49-80-080
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