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Increasingly, each of us is reflecting on usefulness and safety of the foods that we consume every day.

Today, all progressive countries, give preference to eco-products, namely, to such ones, which are naturally grown and do not contain chemical additives.

Fruit Bowl

This is precisely why we are the first in Ukraine who create the residential complex with its own eco-farm.

The farm consists of a system of ultra-modern greenhouses, and will work all the year round. Its purpose is to provide the residents of the O2 Residence with fresh and environmentally friendly vegetables, fruits and berries.

The residents of the complex themselves will decide what products precisely will be grown on eco-farm.

Eco Farm Girl picture

A resident of the O2 Residence may independently grow vegetables and fruits or entrust the care of his plot to an agronomist who will work on the farm.

  • How does it work?
  • 1
    Choose a plot in the greenhouse, which is located next to your building
  • 2
    Seek advices from the agronomist with regard to the choice of the crop that you will grow
  • 3
    Buy seeds and fertilizers, plant the crop that you have chosen
  • 4
    Assign the agronomist the care of your own plot
  • 5
    Gather the crops at certain time of the year
  • 6
    Enjoy vegetables, fruits and berries of own production, treat them to guests
  • 7
    Exchange part of the crop with your neighbours
  • Bon appetite)
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