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Коммерческая недвижимость

To fill the life of the O2 Residence and make it comfortable for all residents , we try to attract the most interesting business projects in various industries.

Commercial real estate will be represented by five key areas: cafes and restaurants, shopping, health and beauty, education, services.

Cafes and restaurants

The total area is 1400 square meters.

The premises are fully adapted to catering establishments, have great views and great summer grounds.


The total area is 5000 square meters.
There are stores of different product groups:
  • Grocery supermarket
  • Single brand stores
  • Stores home
  • Baby goods stores
  • Sporting Goods Shops

Health and beauty

The total area is 950 square meters.
The following establishments are provided:
  • Medical Clinic
  • Pharmacy
  • Beauty & Spa


O2 Residence provides a full range of educational facilities:
  • Kindergarten
  • Early Development School
  • Modern school
  • Extracurricular education facilities

The scope of

We plan to involve the following service centers:
  • Post Office
  • Dry cleaner's
  • Tailor shop, clothing repair and footwear
  • Service station

Our goal is to create an active and diverse residential area infrastructure that would cater to all the needs of our residents. We are also interested in that, to make the investments of our commercial partners work as efficiently as possible.

Tell us about your project to get special conditions for buying commercial property at O2 Residence.

Ход проекта:
Отдел продаж:
  • Киев, Харьковское шоссе,
  • 22-й км. (метро Бориспольская)
  • Заказать трансфер в отдел продаж можно по телефону:
  • (044) 49-80-080
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